Praise for Light a Candle

“Light a Candle transports me to another place… a place of remembrance, nostalgia, sadness and hope. It touches my soul and lightens my spirit.”

Dan Festa, Counseling and Wellness Center, Charleston, SC

“Light a Candle brings enormous comfort, courage and clarity. I have witnessed this one on one and in large crowds. The light is love.”

Dick Gilbert, Director of Chaplaincy Services, Elgin, IL

“Light a Candle stirs memories and seems to bring our loved ones closer to us.”

Elaine Stillwell, TCF Chapter Leader and Diocesan Bereavement Coordinator, Rockville Center, NY

“Light a Candle has provided bereaved families a precious song to express the beauty of everlasting love and sweet  remembrance.”

Cathi Lammert, SHARE, St. Charles, MO

“Light a Candle goes straight to the heart of grief and allows for its outward expression.”

Kimberly Harper, Cheyenne, WY

“Light a Candle was played at our hospital memorial service. It brought tears to my eyes but also comfort and strength. Thank you for what you do.”

Regena Dickson, Savannah, GA

“Light a Candle sings of what I am feeling and touches the hole in my heart.”

Mary Peters, Marshall, MI


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