Moving Ahead

I made a promise to blog and I’m going to keep it. For those who are friends of Paul Alexander or Griefsong on facebook, or Linked In, thanks for sharing this road with me and the creative ventures for healing.  Its been a long cold winter in many places, yet in many ways a serious time of reflection on life’s purpose.  As a creative person using mediums of music, therapy, performance, and healing energy work I sometimes struggle to choose a path of expression.  So many voices in my head to move forward with one project or another.  Have you ever felt that way? Sometimes the options are just too many or overwhelming.  Recently I have started to accept that its okay and just my life story to have these interests. The challenge is to prioritize with some prayerful discernment which path to choose for the day.  I write down all the options I have and categorize into lists of which moves me the most, which is most practical, which is cost effective, and  also what makes my heart sing.  Sometimes in the cold winter we may forget what makes us sing aligned with our calling and life passion. Then its just time to thaw out.  Choosing one thing and committing to it may just be the start of a new day.  So happy spring everyone!


About griefsong

Paul Alexander is a singer, songwriter, psychotherapist, author, actor and performing artist who has shared his music and message of hope throughout the United States and Canada.
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